Made in one weekend for Game Jam Aotearoa. Theme: Transition. You play as a creature transitioning between being adapted for water or adapted for land. Can you reach the end of the level before you finish evolving?


Art - Anne

Music - James Cullen

Programming - Marco McGowan

Sound Design - Amit Barde




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This was a lot of fun!  I love the idea and the theme.


Cool game! loved the music and the art was very nice. Good to see a functioning exit / menu exit button too. Controls were nice but I wasn't super sure what to do, or if I succeeded the goal. You can just stay on land and transition to a land creature?

Hello, Tom. Yes, the gameplay goal wasn't very clear when we originally submitted the game; due to running out of time in the jam. If you're still interested in playing the game, it has been updated to include better explanations, and all the content that didn't make it into the previous build before the submission deadline has been added.